Christie at Cannes (and Jeddah and Madrid and all over the world)

In this edition of AVenue we’re covering Cannes, Jeddah and the Christie technology that helps airlines fly us there. We wonder whether film posters have lost some of their gloss, and if good grammar and genuine pixel counts have something in common.

Cannes, though, has to be the big story, and as suppliers of Digital Cinema projectors to the festival for ten years we explain just what it takes to keep the biggest movie party on the planet at the top of its game – and all those red carpets open for business.

Free Cannes Posters

We’re also giving readers a chance to download all the movie posters Christie have produced to celebrate Cannes over the years – six of them in all, and all completely free. You’ll find the link in ‘The lost Art of Cinema Posters’ inside.

Books and Opera and the art of projection

At Jeddah we’re at the International Book Fair finding out about Arabic calligraphy and how eleven projectors turned a one hundred and sixty five metre wide tented pavilion into a site celebrated by all Saudis, including Prince Khalid Al-Faisal.

Then finally we’re off to Madrid, for a night at the Opera where projection is replacing plaster and plywood to create set designs that leave audiences at the Teatro Real on their feet and calling encore.

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