Projection mapping on the web, Ang Lee on 120fps and our AV Christmas Quiz

An end of year feel to this edition of AVenue, but still all the stories that matter - and why they matter.

The end of the year starts here
There’s a real end of year feeling to this edition of AVenue, so we’re taking a look back as well as forward.

Without doubt one of the big trends of the year was the continuing advance of DOOH into our retail spaces and streets. Theses are exciting times for DOOH, but are we really giving advertisers what they want and need? We look back at outdoor advertising and ask if effective techniques, hard-won in the past, are being ignored today.

Jaw dropping cinema from a modern master
Ang Lee, who made his name directing Life of Pi, is definitely looking forward. He has always insisted that his films look as good as technology could make them. His latest feature ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ was shot in 3D at 4k and at 120fps – and shown at this year’s IBC Big Screen Experience – a jaw dropping experience.

What’s making projection mapping a social media favourite?
The Internet now influences all our lives, sometimes in unusual ways. With the popularity of ‘The making of’ clips reaching millions of hits, we discover how Projection Mapping is now being used to give social media campaigns an extra edge and collect those all-important clicks.

A shimmering night at Tiffany’s
Then we’re off to Tiffany’s in Los Angeles for a stunning opening night at their new flagship store. We didn’t come away with any diamonds, but we did come away with even greater respect for what Christie partners can achieve.

And something to pass the time; a quiz and a few films
Just how well do you know the more obscure corners our industry and the technology that makes it tick? Think you’re a Gear Guru? Take the five-minute test – a little fun to end the year – and your chance show off when your favourite holiday film has ended.

Talking of films, each country makes it’s own, slightly idiosyncratic choices when it comes to the unmissable, all loved and all looked forward to. Check if yours is on the list.