Light on the water. Why the Xpark Aquarium shines

There are 30,000 fish from 300 species at the Xpark Aquarium in Taoyuan, but that’s still just a drop in the ocean. That’s the thing about the world’s seas; they’re so vast and filled with life that it’s hard to grasp their enormity. Even though we know more about them today than ever, we still know very little, but we do know how important they are.

The ocean’s health is our health

It’s why places like Xpark are precious (and there are very few places even remotely like Xpark). They don’t treat the ocean’s inhabitants as curiosities but as important life forms that we share our planet with — and depend upon for our own survival. Sharing the message that the ocean’s health is our health is one of Xpark’s primary purposes.

But ask Takao Terawaki, Xpark Aquarium’s senior manager about the difference between education and entertainment, and he’s very clear. “We don’t seek to differentiate between these experiences, but aim to naturally integrate them into everyday life through a concept of learning through play. We hope that understanding and learning spark curiosity and motivate people to take action to protect the environment, ensuring a beautiful Earth for future generations.

Virtual reality is a favorite

Interactive virtual reality is a favorite among young people. The interactive capabilities of computer tablets put them in charge, and young visitors can place creatures they design onto a projection wall. Then by tapping the wall, they can eliminate projected images of trash. It’s fun and creative, but it helps them understand why protecting the ocean and cherishing the ecosystem is important.

Takao Terawaki goes further, “Multimedia presentations are a crucial part of the overall design of the visitor experience. Combining technology with virtual content presents unlimited possibilities within a limited space, and allows visitors to interact between virtual and reality. Today, where emphasis is placed on the senses, particularly vision, we are delighted to collaborate with Dacoms Technology to create a perfect visitor experience across the entire venue.”

The Healing Jellyfish Exhibit and Penguin Adventure zone are loved by children and adults alike. Watching the jellyfish gracefully navigate through illuminated displays, accompanied by enchanting lighting and sound effects, is an incredibly soothing experience. A unique connecting passageway in the Penguin Adventure zone even allows you to enjoy a meal while watching penguins gracefully swimming above you.

Dacoms Technology‘s 30 years of experience in ProAV installations were invaluable when it came to commissioning and installing projection and image processing systems that use many Christie solutions, including: 35 DWU850-GS 1DLP® laser projectors, 25 Captiva DHD410S 1DLP® ultra short throw laser projectors, as well as an array of  Pandoras Box Compact PlayersPandoras Box Media Players, and Box Widget Designer.

Vivid, brilliant and immersive projection helps make Xpark Aquarium one of Taiwan’s most visited — and informative — attractions. It’s a place where, simply by standing and marveling, you learn about the oceans and their inhabitants. In addition to 13 exhibition zones, Xpark offers programs such as intertidal zone experiences. Here you can take off your socks and paddle in an area that replicates an intertidal ecosystem — anywhere the ocean meets land — while professional guides explain the characteristics and structures of living organisms. You can also access backstage areas to learn about the most important aspect of the aquarium: the water source, and how its life support system operates. Xpark Aquarium is a genuinely amazing place, with an amazing story to tell.