From spec sheet to spectacular

Be brave. Wonderful things happen.

Many things can look good in theory. But fall short of expectations in practice. So, when we set out to design a great product – from an RGB pure laser projector and software to image processing software and groundbreaking modular LED tiles — reality always has the last word. You never know how good your products truly are until your engineers’ imaginings are in customer’s hands, whether that customer is a filmmaker, digital projection mapping artist, or content creator.

As Christie celebrates a milestone anniversary this year, the unavoidable 95-year-old truth is that there comes a time to be brave — when the instrument maker’s work is done, and the artists must play. When we must trust that our solutions will help customers create unforgettable experiences.

Ang Lee and James Cameron

We experienced it in cinema when Ang Lee visited our center of Engineering Excellence in Kitchener, Canada and saw the possibilities of high frame rate projection, we saw it when we partnered with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment on “Avatar” (2009) and “Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022), and we see it almost every day when the lights dim, and a Christie AV solution transforms from spec sheet to spectacular.

We saw it in the deserts of Dubai when 252 Christie D4K40-RGB pure laser projectors illuminated the Al Wasl dome for Expo 2020 and again when a small community center in Liverpool, England, hosted Paul Alty’s “Black Hole”. Because it’s not just headline-hitting spectaculars — smaller-scale events are just as capable of stopping us in our tracks. At CES 2024, we caught a glimpse of the future when Pandoras Box® Software powered the visualization of Hyundai’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered personal mobility platform. And we’ve seen the astonishing and important work IRCAD (Institute de Recherche contre les Cancers de l’Appareil Digestif / Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer) is carrying out by Strasbourg University Hospitals, where Christie Mirage 4K40-RGB projectors help train surgeons in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Read more

All around the world, in theme parks, educational institutions, and entertainment venues wonderful things are happening. Planetariums explain the secrets of the universe, light festivals bring communities together, medicine advances, cultural history is preserved, and countless shared experiences enrich lives.

Not a word

Was any of this written into a spec sheet? Not a word of it. But it’s what happens when you trust innovators like Christie engineers to translate inspired ideas that may only work in theory into something real that can create magic, inspire creators, make a difference.  And that, in truth, is what Christie has been doing for every one of its 95 years, building the possible so others can build the impossible.