You're never too old to rock and roll

You’re on your feet with a smile on your face the moment the opening bars roll round the venue. This has been your favorite song since you don’t know when; it’s why you came to see this band, YOUR FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD, after all these years. Because they’ve still got it — and you want a piece of it. OK, you’re a little older now, and the dancing’s more Dad than Disco, but who cares when you’re having this much fun?

Nothing tastes sweeter

That’s the thing about live music: it takes you places. It can reel in the years and recall lost loves in a sweaty instant of abandon. Forget your day-to-day; this is the here-and-now, and nothing on the planet tastes sweeter. Want to reclaim the joy of your youth? Go see a band you love.

And even though you think you want it to sound the same as the CD you bought back in ’02 and the track you keep favorited on your phone, you don’t really. Because that’s the thing about hearing it again live. It’s nostalgia with upgrades. Everything you remember but with better sound, a tighter band, and staging that really rocks.

That piano

Something Corporate is one of those bands who took a break in the middle eight of life and are now back stronger than ever. And, of course, they’ve brought that piano. Something Corporate’s pianos were  a feature in the early days, a sticker covered and vinyl-wrapped marvel that were the centerpiece of every gig and a sometime makeshift stage for hits like “If You C Jordan” and “I Woke Up in a Car.” But now, because this is 2023, the piano’s back and better than ever, wrapped with Christie MicroTiles® LED.

But first, a little secret, since every great rock and roll story has a secret.  Kevin “Clutch” Page, Something Corporate’s long-time bassist, didn’t spend the band’s 13-year hiatus from the music biz on sun-kissed beaches or avoiding the paparazzi. No, he set up Procraft Media, now one of California’s most respected AV integrators. So he knew just how to bring the show screaming into the 2020s and that MicroTiles LED had to be part of the equation. So, while the band is giving it their all, and the crowd is magically seventeen again, that piano displays original album artwork and lyrics in virtuoso high brightness and high definition. This really is nostalgia plus, and the audience can’t get enough of it.

“Clutch” and his bandmates have discovered their rockstar roots were dormant, not dead. They headlined sold-out shows at the Las Vegas House of Blues and the main stage at the When We Were Young festival, and closed the year with back-to-back sell-out shows at the City National Grove of Anaheim to a hometown crowd— all while keeping their day jobs. Have these people not considered growing up?

Perhaps the secret to eternal youth lies in reconnecting with a long-loved band turning back time with a righteous live set. The joy of music keeps you young. Share it.